Cotton day KF94 masks 30P (Made in Korea)

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KF94 masks 30P (Made in Korea), cotton day masks, korean mask,

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Korea’s Cotton-Day KF94 Masks 30P (Korean Food and Drug Administration Certified)

High-quality masks in Korea

A total of 30 KF94 disposable masks.

Suitable for prevention of COVID-19

With select masks manufactured in South Korea, you can make a complete choice.

Masks that are comfortable to breathe and wear.

Our products are in-stock within the South Korea and

are shipped out on the same working day

providing your order is placed before 12 noon.

COTTON DAY famous Korean mask

Best selling product in South Korea

DIRECTIONS: It’s basically a disposable product.

WARNING: You can’t wash the mask.

Cleaning can cause physical damage to the filter.

Please stop using the mask when it is contaminated inside.

STORAGE: Store in a cool dry place away from sources of heat.

It is a clean and safe product produced in South Korea.

Return is not allowed, so please purchase it carefully.

We are using FedEx international priority shipping or any other shipping.

The estimated arrival time is from 5th to 10th after the order.

On a U.S. basis

Total price $220 including shipping cost

Please inquire about the details of delivery and purchase

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