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Korean Queen in a drama (Hanbok)

Korea has long been a country that values courtesy and manners. If you look at Korean traditional clothes, Hanbok, you can see the characteristics of Korean people. The beauty of Korea comes from the subtle and still.

At the same time, Korea is dynamic. After the war, Korea achieved faster economic growth than any other country. Korea’s dynamism can be seen in the current appearance of BTS, the most popular music group in the world.

This means “Poetry for Small Things”

Overcoming the turbulent past, Korea is a country that dreams of unification. Korea is the only country in the world that can become one peacefully. As a unified Korea, we can go through Russia and Europe by rail.

Now we want to communicate with people from all over the world who want to know Korea in more depth and detail. JOODIA will be the venue for communication between people around the world and Korea.

JOODIA contributes 1% of its revenue to global environmental conservation.

Jumping Penguin

Now we are ready to be with everyone who dreams of a bright future.

April 2020

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